J Studios sample studio space

J Studios North Fitzroy currently has over 30 artists in residence. Their practices cover the whole gamut of mediums, including sculpture, new media, animation, painting, drawing, writing, music, video and printmaking.

  • Most of the studio rooms are school rooms and many are carpeted.
  • There is an abundance of natural light, with windows facing north and south.
  • Sculpture studios are located away from the main complex, with access to storage areas, where power tools may be used.
  • There is heating in most rooms.
  • Rent includes utilites and internet. Members are expected to do a small amount of volunteer work to keep the space running well, usually about 2 hours per month. This may take the form of helping run the gallery, update the website or manage the grounds. There are several more options available.

Contact our coordinator Mim Whiting for studio applications.